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You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe I missed this one. I'd really like to pay/trade for one if anyone is interested.

John Mayer....nooooo....OK watching this space!

Damn Just missed Signed LP's at Easy street Records Too by a couple of minutes!

Congratulations to those that got their signed CD! I unfortunately missed out! :-( :'( 

No worries, ebay will be flooded with these and for those who missed out may end up getting it even cheaper. Demi Lovato,  Sam Smith , Nick Jonas  and Shawn Mendes. I purchased all those signed cds cheaper than their websites 

eBay sellers will quickly do a markup on these signed cd's. I'd say you're right, they will be all over eBay but priced $50-$80 a pop.

These weren't insanely mass produced and signed like the other ones that came from record labels to try to get on the billboard charts. Unfortunately for collectors, the autograph flippers probably won't take a hit on these. 1000 isn't that much for probably hundreds of thousand fans that would want one... but like you said plenty of others that can be picked up at a bargain price and will probably stay on eBay forever. 

Yeah - this is going to be nothing like Demi Lovato, Sam Smith , Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes. Sure, John Mayer is a pop star, but he's also a guitar god, and that changes the equation dramatically.

In the off chance he signed tens of thousands Taylor Swift style ,I guess we will find out Friday when the CD is released. That would be awesome.

Would still pay/trade if anyone has an extra.

Already selling for as low as $39 on Ebay with only 48 up. Wait till a few hundred show up on ebay

I was on newbury street yesterday and stopped in to see if they were selling any copies, they said they didn’t get a single copy of it. I’m guessing every piece Newbury got was signed and sold on their site. Does anyone know what other record stores got? Was this like Swift?

very glad to have gotten one and not need to worry about eBay.

True, Never in a million years would I have thought I could score a signed Sam Smith cd for $12.50(ebay) or Taylor Swift for $13(her store). 

That Ed Sheeran, Bad Habits signed CD single was selling for £0.99 ($1.35 US)!


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