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One of those signed Ed Sheeran Cd's just sold for $12.45 on Ebay with many selling in the $20-30 range. The low prices may be because it's just a cd single and not a full album 

Kind of like the recent David Gilmour signed cds. I've seen his autograph sell for many hundreds of dollars maybe even $1000+ on the right item... after he signed so many cds and they all got flooded onto eBay I've seen some sell as low as like $35 or something. Never in my life did I think I'd see a David Gilmour autograph for $35. Good time for fans though.  :)

It's a short-term rubberband effect -- everyone was racing to the bottom to make short-term profit. The price has certainly gone back up... though there is still a deal or two to be had... :)

Easy Street records in Seattle was selling signed lp covers earlier on their site. I missed that but they said that they thought other stores would also have them. So there may be more of these popping up the next few days. 

Thanks, it could be an independent record store exclusive!

I would actually prefer a signed LP. I only purchase signed cds if that's the only option 

He's a great signer in person, but insists on ONLY ONE per person, becuase he says if you have more, you're a dealer. I like that philosophy. But damn...would have been great to have scored one of these!

Was newburycomics selling 1 per? Its hounded by resellers constantly regardless. An artist with these morals has to be clueless to sign a contract with newburycomics in 2021... the resellers are starting to outnumber true fans

I think it was 2 per.

Currently back in stock at newbury.


Looks like there's 2400 in stock!

Thanks really appreciate that, got one!


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