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Looks legit. Same as my postcard minus the bent corner.

Thanks. If it makes you feel better the corner of the my CD cover arrived bent too!! To be fair, it did have to travel from US to UK in a non-cardboard light padded envelope!

Something very strange about how this one still isn't sold out but the Newbury already is. I don't know what to make of it.

It may be because it doesn't pop up first when you search on Amazon. I actually had to punch in signed version to find it.

I think I am bravely going to call this one legit, even if there is a hopeful side to my comment! From what I can see the ones still available through the Amazon link are from Third Party Sellers rather than Amazon itself.

It's real. Look at the One Eyed Jacks example someone posted yesterday. Matches dead on.

Thanks, got a Mellencamp!
I ordered a Sad Clowns from Amazon, but that unfortunately was cancelled after a long while without reason given. Glad to get another opportunity.

Now it says there are 59.

Well there has been another restock of 36. The 59 I posted before had sold out.

Guess this one is never ending because now there are 100 in stock.

I know most people can't stand third party authenticators, but just putting it out there.

I mailed the John Mellancamp cd to Beckett and it came back "not authentic"


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