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Mellencamp is already down to 172 avail. Moving very fast.

Probably not time to discuss much with how quickly its selling, but weren't there some questions with Mellencamp's last signed CD release?

He was on my list of artists I want in my collection so its an instant buy.. but im still curious about his last album. He's not someone ive been paying attention to much lately

Not that I remember. But it was a post card through Newbury.

I think I'm thinking of the Amazon release (maybe?) from a few years back. It was an authenticity question, but I'm not sure where I heard that chatter, as I don't think it was from this site.

Awesome, thanks for posting. Was just hoping the other day that there would be signed copies of the new JM, was able to pick one up. 

Sold out while I was checking out.

thanks for posting, managed to order one of each, 

Am curious about the new Mellencamp since it has Springsteen on three of the songs.  

Amazon US still showing his previous CD signed in stock:

John Mellencamp - Sad Clowns & Hillbillies - Music

Is that the Amazon release KD and Rich were talking about earlier?

Yes, that was the one I was thinking of.

Was it an authenticity issue can you remember? It's just that I ordered one of the two remaining ones as it was better value for posting to the UK. It's obviously no value if it isn't legit!!!

That's the problem - I really don't recall the specifics, or whether there were any - other than it was an authenticity concern. I almost want to say it was Startiger or some other such site where it came up.


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