The Parlophone sleeve is signed by John and Paul, Billy J Kramer and Tony Mansfield. The Parlophone 45 is Bad To Me.  Signatures verified by Roger Epperson.  Any other thoughts?

Auction Description:

A 7" single 'Bad To Me' (R5049) signed to front of Parlophone company sleeve by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Billy J. Kramer and Tony Mansfield. Signatures authenticated by Roger Epperson prior to this sale.

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Not authentic IMO.

I tend to agree.  Item is up for auction at Omega Auctions in the UK and they are generally pretty good with weeding out the fakes etc

I believe that these are fake. Poor attempt even the Kramer.

No thank you...

Pass from me as well.

Omega relays all signatures through Epperson, between them there's No expert & certainly nobody from Omega auctions, they have No clue of signatures ...If Rodger says Good, they sell, even if not verified they will put up to see first for auction. 

These are 1 & are OK' by Rodger, but FAKE. 

Omega is only good at valuing Albums unsigned ,the rest is left with the Gods & collectors with Money for the final outcome. 

This sold as authenticated by Rodger Epperson yesterday too, well over a $1000 with fees.

These are not correct either IMO, but someone liked them & Omega auctions likes the sale of bogus signatures too it seems as I emailed them to say Not correct, but as usual it's all about the hard cash for Omega!



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