It appears mass authentication has caught up to them. Considering PSA pretty much rejected the items and that other authenticators(not sure on their legitamacy), said it's not possible that all the items werent signed by one hand, it can be assumed they took the money over both what was right, and authenticity.

Any thoughts to this? Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but once a story is published by OTL, you are in some deep trouble.

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Mistakes are one thing, but passing stuff just to make a buck or two is terrible. I hope they are not guilty of this. The hobby would definitely not be better off. 

PSA does the same thing with Press Pass collectables.

They sure do and for a few other large volume EBAY hustlers.

Article said that since PSA was unfamiliar with the person organizing the signing that they wanted to witness it. So if it had been a long time large volume submitter they would have been OK with their word that the signing was legit?  HMMMMM!

Preaching to the choir brother!

This is all just my opinions and this is a discussion so I am offering it. I am not anti JSA but I think they have ventured way outside their area of expertise to capture market share. There are some signatures I do believe they are rock solid with. Outside of common sports items I don't think they are any better than experienced collectors.

My thoughts are the opposite. I think TPA's have been bad for the hobby in more ways than one. It has hampered the learning process for new folks entering the hobby for one. Once upon a time you had to study autographs. Now folks just look for the sticker. If its on there and the item is a forgery it automatically becomes authentic in the eyes of about 85% of the hobby and we are stuck with it forever.

Its a shame so many people blindly trust in TPA'S . Unfortunately they are usually fans of particular players and not into autographs and buy that one signed photo,jersey etc. keeping the forgers in business.

Would be pretty funny/smart of PSA to leak this.

Darn right!

I have long noticed that JSA is "too omnipresent" if that's logical.

They are everywhere and must approve a thousand a day!

Evan Torch, M.D.





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