I am curious what people think of JSA and PSA as far as who is the better authentication company for music and entertainment.

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Don't have a preference. They're both reputable. SGC, Beckett, and Upper Deck are also good.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware upper deck and SGC did autographs.

Neither of them is all that great, and both seem to have been in decline in recent years. Might depend on what type of music and entertainment you're referring to though.

I am looking at 1950s era music and entertainment. Bobby Darin in specific. 

for music I would go to Roger Epperson (who also works for JSA in some capacity)

I agree that JSA & PSA have been slipping

SGC seems to have a good reputation

And I would never buy anything Beckett without a second and third opinion (from AML)

To be honest, AML is my main trusted source and couldn't care less about a certificate or a sticker that I consider a destruction of property

My opinions are the sum of personal experience and reading information from members here

I will look into AML, I am not familiar with it. Thanks for commenting


you are on AML now

this is AML (autograph magazine live)

Well that makes me look pretty stupid then. Thanks!



its all good ma man

Matt, if you have any autograph? Bring it here first. Someone will gladly help you out. Better than any COA out there.

Sounds good. Thank you.



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