Jeremy Renner Verification? JSA Witnessed Protection Program Autograph Doesn't Show up in their Archives?

I've been on a bit of an Avengers kick recently and watching a few sigs, mainly from my favorite avenger, hawkeye (no joke). i was looking at this one and am pretty interested in it seeing as how it was witnessed by JSA. but the confirmation number doesn't show up in their archives. is this normal/is this autograph real?

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I wouldn't put much stock in that COA unless it shows up in the system. It may be a recently signed item, but it still is a red flag. I am also cautious with JSA witnessed COAs. I've seen too many reports and heard too many stories of them slapping "witnessed" stickers on items at shows and conventions where JSA did not in fact witness the signing. I'd ask for opinion on the autograph itself and base your decision on that.   

Noted, and discussion adjusted. Thanks!

I know there are some scammers who may do fake COAs/numbers but I can also say from experience I've had issues with PSA/Beckett/SGC/CAS with numbers not showing up in their system. JSA is usually the one I've never had problems with but I sell items on ebay and generally wind up with some COA numbered items from a local sports card show dealer who does a lot of business with those companies and I know he himself is not faking stickers so I think it's a problem with the companies and their employees. I personally don't care if an item I have has a COA or not but if it has a sticker I put it in the listing and often in cross referencing the item with the sticker, the number does not exist in their system.


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