For those interested in genuine Marilyn Monroe signings, there are several in the upcoming Julien's Auction, which is taking bids online now, but the auction won't actually take place until 1st November.

Such as this, a quite long hand-written note, also signed.

To Thule Air Base

and this note in her hand-writing, but not signed by her though.

1962 Note

Plus many more.

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Thanks Pauline.  I was going to solicit your thoughts on the magazine page.

I am guessing their estimate ($3,000-$5,000) on the letter to Thule Air Base regarding her cancellation in 1954 is way low!

Hi Daniel, yes, but that means the reserve is around there and therefore surprisingly sometimes they are won at prices like that.

So you mean the "To Linda" magazine page? yes, that is definitely authentic. Marilyn's dagger like signings from that era. But as it is fading, it might go cheaper?

There is nothing on there that isn't authentic, in my opinion - (although I don't know about the underwear etc.,)

It looks like the Thule Air Base letter sold at Heritage in 2006 for close to $18k with buyers premium.  I know auction houses like to set low estimates to attract interest but this is a pretty significant difference.  I will definitely be bidding in above this range.  I have no realistic expectation of acquiring it though but who knows.

The letter to Thule Air Force Base sold for $6000 plus buyers premium.


Pauline is the moderator of our new Marilyn Monroe forum! Between Pauline and members like you, it won't be long before it is the go-to place for opinions, news and information on Marilyn's autograph.

I know that Eric, yourself and a few of the others hold Pauline’s opinion in high regard, Steve.  It will definitely be a frequent stop for me as I search for the right MM piece.  

Somewhat related, I have never seen a Dec 1953 Playboy signed by Marilyn.  Certainly, these must exist.  How much would these command?  I have a graded unsigned copy and this will certainly bring several thousand.  I also know that High Hefner’s signature on this magazine adds a nice premium.  Marilyn, on the other hand, would be incredible.

Hi Daniel

I have not seen the Playboy signed by Marilyn either. Although I came across that pose signed and it had little information, but may have been on Ebay at some point. I didn't think it was real years ago, before I studied up, but I think it is now. I can't find it at the moment but will post when I can.

In the meantime, here is another signing to the same Linda as the one that is on auction.

Pauline, are you aware of anyone selling a nice MM check?  It would be nice to acquire one and cut out the middleman making all the money on buyers premiums and consignment costs.

I don't. I'm not really hooked into where people are buying and selling behind the scenes, but this is as good a place as any, to put feelers out?


Post that you're looking for a Marilyn check as a separate discussion. Maybe someone will have one.

I'm glad to hear that, Daniel. We're lucky to have Pauline.



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