Ships in 12 weeks, around August 6th.  Signed by BOTH Beiber & Ariana.  Worth the risk for $5, who else wants to autopen gamble with me out there?  Was $32 for 4. 

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Well done

Yea I was a Fed-Ex delivery guy for 20 years and I used to hate when people said they didn't get something when I knew they did, but in this case, I applaud you lol, they deserve it and so much more. what they are doing is not only false and misleading advertising but also falls into the category of mail fraud, all of which should be felonies but they continue to get away with it so call it karma. 

Yeah I can definitely understand that. I figured it wasnt a high amount, and a big company like UMG probably wouldn't mess with contacting the shipping service. Plus kind of a last resort after being ripped off by them so much.

I do get a lot of my neighbors packages though and have to deliver them myself so I'm kind of an honorary delivery person haha... And sometimes mine go to them... One I returned to a lady down the street and she was really thankful. She said it was medicine that needed to be kept cold and it costs over $4,000. So if I hadn't gotten the box to her right away she wouldn't have had her meds they would have gone bad. So I was happy I got them to her. 

I usually never get any good luck/good karma so I guess I had to make some of my own to get my money back from UMG haha. 

I hope your right but I doubt it will do any good, I have tried everything in the past with UMG from being nice, to threatening, to blasting them on social media 100 times a day for weeks and they don't budge. it's sad that they continue to get away with it but they just do. at least the other companies I had a problem with refunded me and said don't worry about returning the stuff which softened the blow from being ripped off, but not UMG, they are the absolute worst.

Yes I get it too. They are like teflon. And I also understand my email isn't going to do me any favors with it being profanity laced. But if it gets me blacklisted it will actually be doing me a favor. At this point I will never knowingly order from UMG but sometimes you don't know they are behind things until after the order is placed.

I just reached my limit on their b*******. We all know the cd's were produced/packaged, etc. They just weren't signed. So to lie to my face is unacceptable. And now we know the second delay was sending them back to the printer to be autopenned. Making them not only liars but thieves also. Because selling signed is exactly that. Signed. So F' them.

Ha, you are right, I need to be blacklisted also so I don't slip up. like I said on a different post I ordered 2 of the Taylor Swift signed CDs last night not realizing it was UMG, being banned would have prevented that lol

The Taylor Swift cds were real weren't they? Resellers must've gotten murdered on those things now that they've sold almost unlimited amounts and for basically half price now. I was annoyed by that since I just got some for 25 each not too long ago. I doubt theyd do a price adjustment though maybe I'll try. 

Looks like there are some legit ones going out

The one circulating on Twitter was sent by Scooter Braun to a fanpage of his. It wasn't even one that was on sale...

Which one are you talking about?

Yes it was. It was 1 of 3 alternate covers. 1 glow and then a window cover/chair cover. 

These SWU CDs have been among the most annoying preorders this year. I was able to cancel one, but the other I tried to cancel didn't get a response, and it supposedly shipped on the 25th. However, Fedex still hasn't even received it yet. I guess best case scenario is that they just end up lost at this point and I can request a partial refund.

They also haven't responded to my return-request on the Glow ones from last week, but I don't know if they're ignoring me, or if it didn't go through.



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