Ships in 12 weeks, around August 6th.  Signed by BOTH Beiber & Ariana.  Worth the risk for $5, who else wants to autopen gamble with me out there?  Was $32 for 4. 

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Yep, an example is Shawn Mendes, he sold all his signed stuff like 2 months earlier and are supposed to ship with the release of the album, so at least we can hope Justin and Ariana won’t repeat this situation (or maybe they’ll just stop selling signed stuff haha)

Apparently they had finally started to send the signed Yummy cds so maybe there’s a little bit of hope for the SWU cds (also they’re finally sending the unsigned versions)

I got shipping notification today on mine.

I didn't see a post here and was wondering if anyone else noticed that Ariana put signed copies of her new album on sale? sold out already and I heard nothing about it,

I did, tried to get one but they were exclusive to u.s residents which sucks, apparently those were in stock for immediate shipping and lots of fans already received theirs from the first stock 

I missed this one but yea I figured these would ship quickly with the new billboard rules, still think it's kind of messed up that these would ship these so fast while they still won't give us an update on the swu ones we paid for 6 months ago.

I agree that it's crappy for UMG not to provide any updates, but I think it's hardly surprising that they don't care about anything pre-October. The signed promos in May were about charting, and they achieved that, so any other part of it (ie. actually fulfilling them) isn't a priority and has never been a priority for them.

Ariana released some signed CDs on release day, but I don't know if they were promoted anywhere. I only learned of them (after they'd sold out) when she replied to a fan asking for a restock. She said (I'm paraphrasing), "I didn't want to put them up before I had already signed them just in case. I don't want to keep you waiting..." Not wanting fans to have to endure these long waits is commendable, but I'm guessing the Billboard requirements played a bigger role in her decision to have them pre-signed.

The second batch was actually promoted by her. I thought these were tiny quantities released in both batches, but given the number of copies that scalpers are selling right now, there must've been a lot more than I thought.

yes, I agree, you are already seeing the difference the new billboard rules for charting are doing, I have noticed that many artists are either not offering signed items now or selling them in smaller quantities but getting them out on time, which I believe is a requirement for charting now. but I actually think this is a good thing, before all this chart manipulation started it was always limited quantities and you had to get lucky to snag one but at least it was real signatures and no six months to a year waits. I'm hoping it's going back to normal anyway

I understand your position, but I think I like the way it was (Jan-Oct '20). I agree with everyone that the perpetually endless delays are annoying, but I've never spent enough on these releases cumulatively that tying up the funds for several months was a problem - as long as something legitimate shows up eventually.

However, these releases becoming even more limited is going to be a bummer. I don't have a good local venue that'd support big-names, and even if I did, I have no interest in seeing a show during a pandemic anyways. These online releases are my only access to these kinds of pieces, and I still frequently miss them. If these become too limited, I'll miss even more.

That said, I've bought so much of this stuff this year, that it probably wouldn't hurt if I ended buying less in the future. Most of my signed CDs are just sitting. I guess I could try reselling some of it, but I don't like being a flipper/scalper. Though I did end up finally selling a few non-music items (Portman books) this year to free up funds, so I'm not completely innocent.

Yes, the wait is aggravating but I can live with that, the reason I prefer the way it used to be is that starting in about late 2018 about every other thing I have bought has shown up Autopen, signed by multiple people or a squiggly line or one letter like the Gaga ones, you are right they are much harder to get when they are only signing 1000 but they were usually a better quality signature and real. for me, there is no joy in being guaranteed I will get a copy if it's just gonna be machine printed because they sold 100,000

As I am shopping for more autographs online, I am noticing that people have to pay attention to the difference between " signed " and " hand signed " in the description. We automatically assume that if it says "signed" that we are getting a genuine autograph, when "signed" ( legally ) can actually be a pre-print.  Again, the description must say " hand signed ".

Nope!  Totally missed out!

Maybe she can pull a Taylor Swift and have some more available for a limited time in the future!



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