Ships in 12 weeks, around August 6th.  Signed by BOTH Beiber & Ariana.  Worth the risk for $5, who else wants to autopen gamble with me out there?  Was $32 for 4. 

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I really don't understand why respectable artists do that. Is it worth damaging your reputation by selling fake products only to get a #1 everyone knows you didn't deserve?

With the level that Bieber and Grande are at, any such "damage" would be minimal if not straight up non-existent. Braun already has a reputation as a sleazy businessman and a two-faced huckster, so no impact there either.

99% of their fans are probably 15 year old girls who will never know their signed CD is fake. 

Yea I kind of envy them, I was so much happier when I thought they were actually signing these when you bought them directly from their store. ignorance really is bliss lol

Please forgive my ignorance, but I am relatively new to this and how do you know that they are fake signatures ? I want to be aware of the forgers tactics ? Thanks in advance for your response.

The Ariana sig is clearly the same one on every CD jacket, they use a printer or a plotter-like device with marker attached.  That's what we call auto-pen.  The Bieber seems like it's actually signed.

They use a machine like this...

Nobody can sign 100% identical signature every single time, it's impossible. A machine like this can sign but it copies the same design over and over. So all the signatures will look the exact same (size, pen pressure, shape, etc).

Some celebs have used these with multiple signature styles (Ozzy did this) he had 3 or 4 different autopen signatures to try to make it more realistic, but as soon as they were posted online people realized they were all identical but a few different identical signature styles. 

The Bieber autograph is most likely done by an assistant (a secretarial signature). Aka someone other than the celeb that the celeb authorizes to sign for them so they don't have to waste their time... Someone else can waste theirs for them.

Wow !

Just to add to that so you can stay away from autopen signatures, they usually have a dot at the beginning and end of the signature because the pen pauses in that spot longer than a person would. So its like if you set the tip of a sharpie on a paper and it soaks up and makes a dot. That's usually a good sign of an autopen... Another sign is if the pen pressure is perfectly even throughout the whole signature. The autopen keeps the pen at the exact same distance and pressure on the paper, so there aren't thinner spots on the signature like a human signature would have... Since no human can hold a pen perfectly straight in the exact same position while signing. Sometimes it's harder to tell the pen pressure if it's a thick paint marker or something but those are just a couple more tips to watch out for if you're new to the hobby. Hopefully that helps a bit.
more. Ariana’s signature looks literally the same in these

I'm flirting with the idea of just doing a chargeback on these, since I don't want to deal with UMG's BS and them charging me for the downloads.

Pay 180 days for paypal. They did this s*** on purpose. I'll fight with UMG all day. I didn't touch a single download. 



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