Ships in 12 weeks, around August 6th.  Signed by BOTH Beiber & Ariana.  Worth the risk for $5, who else wants to autopen gamble with me out there?  Was $32 for 4. 

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Someone posted a signed Glow cd on ebay it looks autopen also

I don't know if it's been discussed yet because it's so difficult to stay on top of everything, but there appear to be at least 2 different autopens, and possibly at least one more. The first is the tiny Grande signature with the ghost-signed JB. The second has JB and a larger Grande signature that are both autopenned (and signed on the inside rather than the front).

I'm not sure why it bothers me, but Bieber sure is real preachy on instagram for someone who regularly pulls crap like this. But then again, this holier-than-thou attitude isn't new for celebrities.

My Glow singles showed up today featuring lovely autopenned signatures of both "artists." Now to try and get UMG to accept a return for a refund. What a pain.

Did the Glow singles just show up to did you get a notice when they shipped? 

I'm pretty sure I got an email notice that they'd shipped.

That's exactly what I thought after seeing his recent performances dancing around a bunch of crosses talking about God, but has no problem scamming fans out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Have any of the ones he actually signed with his full name even shown up to anyone? I wonder if any of those were even sent to fans. 

I've been very straight forward with my emails with the Ariana/Justin orders. I told them it's conveniently been 180 days of waiting for an autopen signature. That this was for charity and they're scamming everyone. 

I finally got a response saying they're looking into it. With all these returns, I think they'll budge. We should all be pushing for 100% full refund. 

I am tired of it. This was their latest email to me. Probably because of the attempted paypal claim:

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, a production delay has affected  your order and we do not currently have an expected time-frame for when this will ship. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you.

In the meantime, if you'd prefer to cancel either the delayed item from your order or your full order for a refund, please let us know and we can assist you further. Refunds can take 3-10 business days to appear on your account and will be returned to the payment method used at checkout. Additionally, please note that if your order contains a digital product, once the digital portion of your order is available to download it cannot be refunded, as all digital sales are final.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns!

Thank you for your patience and support,
Support + uMusic Customer Care

and my response to them because as far as I am concerned I am done with anything to do with them:

I didn't download the digital portion so there will be no deducting of it. So send the s*** I ordered already. Quit blaming Covid because it had absolutely nothing to do with it. The rest of the world has caught up already, no reason you haven't or you would be out of business. Over the last year I had ordered something UMG based 3 times and all three have been f***** up and based on lies with the same exact response to everyone one of them. During the same time period I had ordered probably 50 other things from other music companies. All of them were fulfilled with very little, if any delay, all were correct, and no one lied to my face except your company. And they didn't threaten to charge me for some b******* that was on their end. If they made a mistake rather than give lies of excuses they just fixed the problem. You should follow their lead rather than trying to f*** the consumer over at every turn like Universal Music always does. Send me what I ordered already. Quit giving me b*******.

I know it's harsh and I probably won't get anything now but I am okay with that. Like I said it was $10 so I am willing to write it off. But when I keep getting generic answers that are pretty much the same for the other items and are lies to begin with, my tolerance was gone.

I feel your pain, I also have received everything I ordered except for my UMG items (Lady Gaga signed posters and CDS and the Ariana/Justin SWU CDS) the generic answers have gotten old and they continue to sell and send out new music every day so what is the problem with production? not to mention the fact that the SWU cd's have been proven to be Auto Pen so what is the problem? did they run out of ink for the fake autographs? we need a boycott 

Love the response... They sent me the exact same email... And that's the answer I felt like sending lol. 

Here's a good tip for anyone that received UMG junk... And I don't feel bad about it because they rip everyone else off they need some payback. I received my Yummy fake signatures, so I emailed and said they showed delivered but they were not received, they mustve been delivered to the wrong address or stolen... And they refunded my payment. I didn't check if they took the digital copy out of the refund yet, but doing that might save you the hassle and cost of returning trash.... And a few less fake signatures they can send to some other unsuspecting fan. Not much else can be done to pay them back so I thought I'd try that. 

That's so wrong but I love it and they deserve it LMAO

Yeah I normally wouldn't do something like that... but they've ripped me off so many times and I can't get anywhere with their customer service, they just lie every time, so I decided a different option... that way I wasnt stuck losing the digital copy money again AND return shipping, by then its not even worth trying to return it.

I've never downloaded a single digital copy and for as many rip off cds I've been stuck with from them, or just not received, they've definitely stolen way more from me than what I got back on that order... But still made me feel a bit better lol. I'm going to avoid pretty much anything they put out especially if it's a big name or known bad signer from now on. 



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