available for pre-order at Newburycomics (US only)

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It seems like she's signed both artcards and booklets. The clip she posted earlier today shows a box of booklets (<1000), but the videos with Olando's lego set and of her signing some both look to be artcards and not booklets. I can't tell which she's holding in the pics Sam posted.

Also, if her store sold out in less than three minutes, I wonder if that means Newbury got a much larger allocation than even her official store (which seems dumb to me).

Newbury had more than 500 left as of yesterday evening, and now show under 50, so they've sold at a faster pace today than they have been.

I think the word traveled around after her store allocation sold out so quickly.

There have certainly been some situations in the past where Newbury has ended up with a better lot than the artists' online stores. A good example the past couple years was Newbury getting the better quality Maggie Rogers signatures (and, I believe, more stock) than either Amazon UK or Maggies own online store.

sold  out now on newbury 

Newbury limited to 1 per customer (her own store didn't have a limit). Newbury was US only (her own store worldwide). That explains it.

Isnt she about to give birth?  I hope they are all rel and not just the ones in the photo

Yes, she is very overdue. She mentioned that the baby had shifted, so she is due any day now. All her signatures are definitely real, she has been complaining about the carpal tunnel due to her pregnancy, but is just signing as she eats breakfast each day. Joking about coffee stains and bread crumbs appearing in booklets.

ok thanks

During her Final Smile Sunday when these were released on her site, she definitely said more will be released on her international stores. Just waiting for them to be released now.

Now up on the U.K. store! Art card rather than booklet...

Just got 1, thank you

No problem.

Now sold out! That was quick 

There's still some signed art cards with the picture disc on the German website if anyone is interested.



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