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An update I received today from the U.K. store incase anyone else is still waiting:-

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in receiving stock from the supplier, but we should be receiving stock in the next 3-14 days. 


As soon as the item leaves our warehouse you will receive a shipment confirmation email from us. 

Newbury update:



Thank you for your recent order for the autographed Katy Perry CD, Smile. As you may or may not know, Katy just gave birth (congrats to Katy, Orlando, and Daisy!) and is spending time with her family, but is still committed to getting the autographed CDs that you ordered out to you as soon as possible:


"Babycat’s schedule has me a little behind, but your signed CDs are coming, promise! I appreciate your patience and understanding. - Love, Katy"


As soon as we have any further updates, we will contact you again to let you know and we will be shipping out orders as quickly as possible once the autographed booklets have been received.


From all of us at Newbury Comics, and on behalf of Katy and her team, we appreciate your patience.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply to this email with your order number and we will be happy to assist you further.


Thank you for shopping with Newbury Comics!

Here is the Newburycomics Katy Perry smile cd received today.  Was expecting a late release due to her just having her kid.

Did you receive an e-mail or did they just show up Thanks

Received Newbury email on 9/4 so expected long delay but got cds yesterday 

anyone else still waiting for the Newbury Katy CDs?

Yes -  Extremely disappointed in their handling of this. Autoreplies to status requests. Really poor communication. Not cool.

yeah doesn't surprise me at all

Probably worth considering that this is more product for any one artist than Newbury typically deals with. Usually their communication is quite good - better than just about any artist merch store, that's for sure. Katy obviously didn't get the thousands signed she wanted to before giving birth, and, accordingly, Newbury is probably getting a ton of emails on this one product.

I get what you’re saying, but Newbury didnt have to restock without physical product.

Newbury didnt have to charge my credit card on the day of purchase, knowing they didnt have the stock.

Katie also didnt have to overpromise or undeliver - she knew she was pregnant and coming up on her due date. And its been a hot minute since then. I mean, how long does it take to sign, say 100, per day? Is it inconceivable that all orders might be filled by now if that was the case?

As someone who ordered early, got charged, and still hasnt received, there are no valid excuses. Its disappointing. The ball was dropped. Period. 

Nothing to do but wait, and hope injury isnt added to the insult with a cancellation. Not holding my breath. Nothing surprises me these days.

I get the frustration. But Newbury does preorders all the time without physical inventory yet in stock, so that in itself isn't a departure from a common practice. These inventory numbers are based on the amount they're expecting to get (were promised to get?) in stock. 

These preorders (in general, not Newbury specifically) are all over the place though. Some people have gotten in things a while back I'm still waiting on, others are waiting on things I got in weeks ago. I think the list of pre-orders that has gone well this year is probably relatively short. Amid everything that's gone on recently, I wouldn't really place Newbury (or Katy for that matter) among the prime offenders. The fact that their overall track record is what it is is pretty outstanding in itself, given the range of artists they work with and that they're at the mercy of some especially bad record labels that can barely handle their own merch.

I would agree in this case what most likely happened is that they just bit off a bit more than they could chew.

I have to agree with you. I would say Newbury is the best at what they do. I have been buying autographed CDs from them for over 10 years best guess. I know I have the last 4 Clutch cd's from them. They have fixed every problem I have ever had. Sometimes emails take a couple of days after the auto-response one but I don't sweat it with them. They are the only company that would do a complete recall on a fake or autopenned signature. And people have to remember that they weren't just selling a Katy Perry CD but thousands of other items. And this really isn't the time to complain with all that is gone on in the world. Stuff is just going to take longer, get used to it. And they sent out an update on this specific CD explaining things. I also have no doubts that they will happily give you a refund if you ask. Also if you pay with PayPal they don't actually charge you until the item/s ship.



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