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Just ordered one of these from his Canadian store and I keep forgetting to look before I buy but it is Universal, did anyone else order one of these and if so did it look real or autopen? they gave me hope by sending out authentic Taylor sigs but I'm still weary of UMG lol. 


There haven't been any indications of an autopen from him so far, and they're all coming from the same source.

Cool thanks, I saw a comment in the thread about the Country artists being bad about autopen lately and was hoping not. checked out a few on eBay and they all looked slightly different so I may be ok.

Me and my friend got one and we compared each of them. They were completely different when we checked

Yea I looked at a bunch of them and they all look different so I think these are good. I am confused about how the autopen works though, I used to think it was the companies like UMG that were behind it since I received several autopens through them, but if that were the case then why are some artists like Taylor and Keith authentic and others fake? it has to be the individual artists or their management like I've seen suggested I guess. 

Went ahead and grabbed a couple signed art cards. Sold out now.

just got an email that they restocked the signed art cards for the anniversary sale, $30 but you can get 20% off on 1 or 35% off of 2 or more with the codes at the top of the page.


FYI as mentioned,

the Code listed along the top of the webpage is incorrect "KU35: 35% OFF $30+"

It's actually when you spend $35 or more, so the single CD w signed art card is $24+ship (using KU20)

so, a Pass from me, though is not a terrible price.

Yeah, I noticed that because the way it is listed it should be 35% off of 1 but it only worked when I added 2, still makes the price bearable at $24 apiece with shipping if you buy 2 and get the 35% off. I already got mine when they went on sale last time so just posted in case anyone is a fan and missed out. I will say he does have a pretty cool signature and much better looking than the scribbled initials we usually get these days. 

My wife is a huge fan. I ordered one. Thanks for sharing!



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