In advance of Kiefer Sutherland's new album, and EU and UK tour, he has some signed CDs and bundles available on his website: 

Signed CDs are only £10 and for an actor/musician as popular as Kiefer is a good opportunity to add him to your collection. 

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Shout-out to whoever did the photoshoot for the album -- got pics of the TTC with the COVID signs on the designated seats.

Definitely going to pick up one of these, just for the name alone (it's a major Toronto Street).

Thanks!  I bought one.  Shipping to the US is almost as much as the CD but probably still worth it.

I started to order a couple but I did that last time and paid the extra shipping from the UK only to have them go on sale at Newbury afterward. they don't come out until January of next year so I think I'm gonna wait this time and see if that happens again.

I am waiting also as his last signed cd was available on both Newberry and Anazon

Yeah, I got a couple of his last CD from Amazon UK and not only was the shipping higher but they also usually send the CDs with the signature sealed inside the wrapper and both of mine were smudged like they wrapped them before the marker was completely dry. ordered another from Newbury and it was fine. of course with my luck, Newbury probably won't carry them this time since I'm waiting lol

He didn't sign his full name on the last cd.



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