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I see it's so small that the cd cover behind it looks like a LP vinyl.

The size doesn't bother me as much as the contrast. Seems they could chosen to sign in silver.

I heard there's a paper shortage and costs of shipping have gone through the roof. They probably saved $0.02 on each CD.


Bought two and they are A LOT smaller than I thought they were going to be.

I seriously don't get this. Someone was out for a bonus but wasn't looking at the bigger picture. On face value you save some money on materials and shipping. But it'll probably have taken Gene & Paul (plus say at least 2 assistants) double the time signing these small cards. You can see they took the effort to (try to) sign on the correct character. What little you save in materials you loose in extra labor costs and unhappy customers.

Right, was thinking same about signing process. The false advertising is also what gets me. The listing clearly advertised a signed cd set…I’m ok with an art card but this should be disclosed along with size (or there should be a standard size for “art card”).

I appreciate that these items are often offered at reasonable prices but that doesn’t give them the right to misrepresent what is being offered and expect you to accept it regardless. Tempted to start pushing for refunds or doing chargebacks as I’ve seen on other threads, if only so they will stop this practice. 

I checked the listing. It doesn't say autographed cd. It's very vague. Probably done on purpose 

It does say the 2CD set is autographed. They don't say which part, it could be the cover, the booklet or even the CD itself. The art card is not a part of the 2CD set though.

"Fans purchasing the 2 CD set on the Rock and Roll Channel on Talk Shop Live will receive the set autographed by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons (limited supply)"

Right…says autographed 2-CD set with no mention of an art card. Sometimes the art card has been specified (Elton, Rod Stewart) and sometimes not (Lloyd Webber, Tori Amos, this one). But agree the overall vagueness of description (autographed 2 CD set without saying what’s signed) is intentional.

Hi Jor-El, 

There was no cost savings involved. The label couldn't have the nearly 2000 booklets printed in time to ship due to delays. we found our when we received in time to turn around and ship. We are hopeful Kiss will consider go thru our show again and we'll make best efforts to deliver the best value possible. Hope you understand.

Glad you had these. I unfortunately didn't get the Paul Stanley CD before when I was one of the first 500 and 1000 orders. Extremely disappointed. These were good, although please no more small art cards 



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