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Thanks MarkCollector! Sorry you didn't get the Paul Stanley CD. We'll make best efforts to avoid small art cards or at least identify them provided we are made aware upfront. Appreciate it.

Just know, I will still take art cards rather than get nothing at all :)

Duly noted, Landon and thanks!

I'm glad I saved my money and didn't order these - I knew it would be a total train wreck! 

Size, Colour of sigs and not being as advertised....

Gene's website e-mail to complain and you can send a complaint to Talkshoplive from your order page.

Let me know how you make out

I've had mostly good experiences with Talkshoplive but when I have had a problem their customer service has been horrible, I received the signed Toby Keith cardboard digipacks torn and it took them a month to finally replace them. they said they had to forward it to the artist's distributor and I'm guessing they will say the same with these.

Sorry to hear of the delay. Toby signed only 50 CDs and it took a while to get a replacement. Thanks for your patience.

it wasn't the signed part, those were fine but the digipack CDs were torn, it looks like a manufacturing defect as there was barely any room for the signed booklets to fit, and I'm pretty sure they got torn when the booklets were being put back in after he signed them. all I needed was the CDs replaced which I eventually got. it was actually the distributor that was slow getting them out and not you guys so we're good lol

Thanks for the clarification, KD. Glad all was resolved for you.

Awesome! I'm not that upset actually. I was a little disappointed at 1st but now I think they are cute. Like they came out of a cracker jack box or something. But ill join the fight because if we do not speak up collectively, this false advertisement stuff is going to continue to happen. Ill send some emails later today.

mine hasn't shown up yet but while they are not what I would have preferred, I am also not that upset by them. I was starting to think I would never get Gene and Paul's autographs and as long as they are real I can live with these. i do agree that all this false advertising is getting old though.



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