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Nah we’re discussing it here for now but thx 

Good times. ✌️

So far both Journey, signed by 3 members, and Def Leppard, signed by the whole band, are both CD sized prints and they don’t know what color they used to sign them yet 

Thanks for the recap Landon! With my luck, we'll receive the album sized prints from Def Leppard!

We will confirm when in hand. I have been assure the Journey Cds are Cd Size and Vinyl, Vinyl size. We do not have in hand yet as they are still signed for us. 

I can imagine you guys would be hoping for cd size as well. If they are LP size, it would cost more in shipping supplies to make sure these didn't arrive damaged with the cd

If you all do get LP sized, I’d like to ask that you PLEASE don’t fold them like so many artists do. I’m thinking of Kacey Musgraves and others who recently included signed “mini-posters” with CD’s.

Folding them totally ruins the piece IMO. I know it’ll cost a dollar or two extra to ship them flat, but i believe most of us would be happy to pay more for unfolded autographs. 

We receive some of the Def Leppard signed inserts. They are CD size as expected. 118 mm x 118 mm or about 4.645 inches x the same.

They appear to be signed in gold but cannot guarantee all are signed with the same color.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

signed side

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Look awesome, can’t wait

Nice, thanks for sharing

Not bad! 

Looks insane thanks!!



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