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That's awesome. I hope they release more...

Dream come true, I cant wait to get these!!! Thank you so so much for making this happen! You guys are awesome 

Looks great! Thanks for sharing. 

Thank you.  The only one I missed out on. Any chance of a restock?

Just got back from Mcdonalds ordered a cheeseburger they used a picture of a cheeseburger not a picture of a big mac because thats the only picture they had ,that way the customer can make an informed decision about how they are going to spend their hard earned money

I understand it can be difficult getting getting the items from suppliers on time and getting all the artists and cards togethor in one place and its too late now for the def leppard and journey cds as they are sold out but for instance we now know the journey lp is coming with an 11" print but does it say that on the talk shop site as of now ,no it doesnt 

I bought a new car for 30k. The video they advertised showed a Corvette. I thought I was getting a Corvette for 30k. It got dropped off by Carvana and it was a Civic. 

It does now, Full Time Flipper. 

Thank you.

Nice one thanks 

Sorry Mark, no restocks but if we uncover some extra we'll try to announce here as well.

Thank you so much!

If anyone wants to Trade a sold out black Keyes cd for one let me know. Otherwise I'll keep an eye out.  Just joined this group too late.  Thank you 

You bet, Jim.


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