Know Any Good forgery/authenticity movies or documenteries too see?

I am just watching Orson Welles last movie F is for Forgery. Interesting documentary type presentation of Clifford Irving, etc. Any other suggestions?

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just saw Masterminds the Art of the Forger about physics teacher john drew who hired a painter to create fakes. Drew's genius was to forge viable provinances of the fake  painting and sell for millions.

yes, and recently  sky arts commissioned him to weekly paint an old masterpiece using the face of a famous celebrity and he is so talented.  Even at his trial the police and the judge wanted him to paint  'old masters'  for their homes ; - such was his talent   What was particularly interesting was how his pictures fooled for ages all the major art galleries, bonhams etc despite the paints etc being modern 

He is actually a very engaging chap when interviewed on tv .  Catch the sky arts programme if you can because its really absorbing; - but don't bother reading his book because it is really boring

Just watched Inside Edition's American Royal Arts starring Brains 25 Cents. It has some very lively court room scenes in Florida,

Here it is

Brains 25 cents is Steve Cyrkin,the owner of this site.

Sports collectors have to see 60 Minutes Sports: Brandon Steiner & Steiner Sports Memorabilia   

Just watched it and learned a lot on buying fake or real sports stuff-how to be sure. how modern sports is combating fakes while keeping the cash for memorabilia coming to them. And these sports stars can make a tons for a hour

There was an episode of Alan Yentob's BBC documentary series Imagine about authenticating Warhol paintings & what makes a Warhol a legit Warhol when he often had other people do some/mostof the work - featured a guy who was obsessed with the idea that his painting he was now unable to sell had been unfairly denied. 

Episode was called "Andy Warhol - Warhol Denied" according to wikipedia, & about the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board.
Found an article about it - don't remember this from the programme but it  apparently also included "two Warhol self-portraits, silk-screened by students in a college under Warhol's instruction, one of which Warhol signed." 
declared as not officially Warhol.

Excellent ESPN 30 for 30 short film on Operation Bullpen (FBI sting op on sports memorabilia)




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