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Looking to purchase this signed Kobe Jersey. It has a PSA/DNA # and everything looks legit and shows signed ITP. The reason I have been holding off on purchasing is that Kobe's signature has changed a lot over the years and I guess everything can be suspect. Since this is my 1st big purchase I just wanted  to know what the community thinks.

Thanks for any help!

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Kobe's autograph from that era looks more appealing in other examples.  The sticker sure looks strange.  I realize it is over twenty years old and the sticker may have aged but even if it is real it is not much of a looker!

It looks off to me

Don't buy based on my opinion alone but I think it's likely real. IMO the best authenticator of Kobe is Steve Grad, with Beckett. If you order an online opinion from them there's a good chance he'll see it since it's Kobe. I'd definitely do that.

Hi All, Thanks for your input. I will push off this purchase and look for another opportunity. I just thought ITP was always better than the LOA since the authenticator saw the person in question sign the item. I do also think the autograph looks rushed and not as appealing as other Kobe signed jerseys. Will post an update once I find something else. Thanks again!

Good choice to pass on it. Sorry, but there was no chance that this Kobe is a legitimate signature, and IF the PSA/DNA sticker is real, it was transferred from an authentic Kobe signed jersey. This is not even styled correctly on what Kobe's signature looked like at the time of this version of the PSA/DNA sticker/COA.

Here's a similar one from PSA Autograph Facts, signed years later.


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