KOOL & THE GANG Perfect Union CD With Autographed Postcard

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Do you guys think these will conserve/increase their value? I’m not a big fan of them, but I do know they were popular years ago…

I would think so as big as they were back in the day but I bought some from the Temptations a few years ago, who were also big during their time and you couldn't give them away so I'm not sure. the fact that it's a postcard doesn't help.

True. The postcards aren’t as appealing as a signed booklet or vinyl. 

I would of purchased one for myself but I really don't like the postcards

Like just about any band that's been around this long, I believe this band is full of replacement parts. 

Love the Kool but passing on a postcard 

Do you think it's signed by the whole band? The description says, "signed by Kool and the gang." I'd consider it if it was signed by the whole band. 

Did anyone order this one?

RIP… Dennis DeeTee Thomas, co-founder of Kool & The Gang passed at 70 y.o. Cause unknown…

Signed by Robert "Kool" Bell only.

Thanks for sharing. That's false advertising in my opinion. 

It does state that it is only signed by Bell in the description, but I am pretty sure that it originally did not specify which members signed it.



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