KOOL & THE GANG Perfect Union CD With Autographed Postcard

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I agree, these postcards and art cards are getting really old.  Just not the same as on the CD booklet or LP.  I am especially disappointed in this Post/Art card from Kool…

Wow. That would’ve disappointed me for sure as well. Glad I skipped this one. 

That’s what you got? The guy just puts “Kool” on the card? Where’s the gang? Glad I didn’t partake.

That’s how Robert Bell signs his name. And there are not many, if any, original members of the Gang still around. He always signs ‘Kool’

I've got a few signed albums if anybody is interested. Although, I want to keep one, so...

Sent ya a friend request. I’d be interested! 

I would send that back



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