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I am pretty sure I purchased a fraudulent Sandy Koufax 2000 upper deck SP auto. I saw a blog post on this site about fakes of this card going around. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but anticipating likely confirmation that I was fleeced. Thanks in advance for your thoughts! 

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Hey does anyone have opinions on this? Trying to find out in the hopes of getting a refund if it is in fact a forgery. Thanks!

Just from looking at the other posts about fraudulent versions of this card going around, it unfortunately looks like one. That left side edge with his name looks all uneven and way too far to the edge.

This is indeed one of the forgeries.  Where did you purchase it?  How long ago?  eBay/PayPal are good about refunding money on bad purchases 

I’m confused. Is the complete back fake because I thought that card companies directly get the sigs from the athletes and thus you can assume they are real. Am I wrong or is there a particular story about this card? 

I purchased the card on ebay. The issue is that I purchased the card about a year ago. I just discovered the problem recently, after I came across the article on this website about the forgery of that particular card. I contacted the seller, but he is refusing to give me a refund. Ebay also has not been helpful. I might point the seller to this discussion in the hopes that doing so helps. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!

Deepak, please see the link below for the article I'm referencing, which provides a really great explanation.



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