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Looks authentic KM signature. I have seen a number of these on the market.

Just be careful that it's not a print!


this is the back of it so I am assuming it is not a print & official.  Its the first time I have ever seen this photo signed.  I think its a  2007 sig

Hi Michelle,

In all probability it's probably not printed. What is the seller saying or do you already own this? 

If you Google KM signature and click on images you will see similar ones etc.

Yours is a nice example btw. 



I have just purchased it actually but cant find a signed photo of her  wearing that particular dress  on google

Is it live ink? One can't tell from that fuzzy low res image.

Here is new improved photo. does that help?

It looks mechanical.

as in printed?

I believe she recently was selling signed items on her website. 

Her record company used to send these out for TTM requests. 



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