if anyone missed out on the Lady Gaga Chromatica Cd's they are back on sale in her US store, i think this pretty much guarantees Auto Pen since they still haven't sold out in her UK store either but figured i'd drop the info in case anyone wants to try

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No kidding and I saw a lot of people saying the sales she had that counted towards her going number 1 should be deducted since they were canceled, it was before Billboard changed the rules so I guess they will get to keep the number one which is the only reason they sold so many in the first place. glad for the rule change so it stops this scam  

+1 re interest free loan

Has anybody actually seen there refunds yet

No, and I was thinking that since it's been almost a year since I paid, that credit card has expired and I was issued a new one so that will probably be a reason why my refunds won't go through, and they let me know that the digital portion won't be refunded, on the posters it looks like they only charged $3.50 for the downloads but on the CDs it was $10, one big scam

Better Business Bureau complaint will get you a full refund. 

That doesn't seem right. The $3.50 sounds standard for a digital album (I think a digital single is around $1.69 that they won't refund), but they're keeping $10 for something too?

I don't remember how it worked, but I think I somehow ordered the signed poster for $16.50 without having to order the digital bundle. Still haven't gotten any sort of refund though.

I haven't heard what they are going to keep for the digital portion yet but it was my Paypal MasterCard receipts where it showed up, the one with the poster shows $16.50 for the poster and $10 for the download, and the Cd shows $14 for the Cd and $10 for the download. I had 2 posters and 2 CDs and it was over $100 and I'm gonna be pissed if they try to keep $40  

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so 4 out of my 5 order refunds showed up as pending in Paypal, looks like they kept $3.50 on each one for the digital portion. I started to try the BBB complaint to get it all back but never finished it and I guess it's too late now that they have refunded it already. happy to be done with this nightmare so just going to let it go and never give her another dime. 

I decided to get the unknown free gift as stated in the email we got.

FYI Universal Music Group issued me a $24.82 USD refund FOR MY SIGNED POSTER today!

Do we know what this gift is? The person who responded to me didn't even specify -_-'

Boy! I’m sure glad I did not partake in this one. In reading all the posts, what a lot of grief and frustration. Sorry to hear about this. 

I just received my 2 refunds and They didn't take out any money Full refunds



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