if anyone missed out on the Lady Gaga Chromatica Cd's they are back on sale in her US store, i think this pretty much guarantees Auto Pen since they still haven't sold out in her UK store either but figured i'd drop the info in case anyone wants to try

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Back on sale as well in her Canada store is the SIGNED CHROMATICA DLX CD*/*/Signed-Chromatica-DLX-CD/6HEX0000000

Yea i have had a lot of her fans defending her saying she wouldn't do that but i just don't see how it would be possible to sign this many, seems more likely that with the release date approaching they printed more to insure it debuts #1

And UK store is back up.

Why these ones expected to ship at the end of this month but the ones i ordered last week are expected to ship in December.

Yeah I noticed that also Maybe one set will be real I do know she does sign her stuff but it does seem like an awful lot to sign

since i'm convinced she won't sign the 50,000 or more of these that have probably sold by now and they are destined to be Autopen I wasn't going to order anymore but i did 1 more just to see if there is a difference, the confirmation email on this one says expected delivery July 1st now when the others said December 31st. kind of weird

Sold out again, they got another 12 hours of sales in though. been checking all day hoping they put some autographed copies of the rain on me cd single with Arian grande they just released yeterday but no luck. 

Why do I keep missing this !! 
I check the page the page everyday to see if its back on sale, and today was the only day that I forgot to check the page.
im going to cry !
rain on me!!

Back in the store !

I ordered a signed copy of Chromatica on June 11th but have yet to receive.  I emailed them a few times, and on September 2, 2020 I received a form email indicating that the disc would be mailed out in 3-4 weeks.  It is now October, and still no word.  I emailed again yesterday.  Has anyone had luck receiving these?


I’m still waiting too. This is silly. 



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