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Worth a try I think she actually cares about her fans, Ozzy probably doesn't know where he is half the time. Lol

I also did the same and posted photos of what shes sending out as signed

PSA would probably rubber stamp it if you're already shoveling enough money down their pants.

Haha true. They know exactly who dropped the sharpie onto that cd cover, they're experts. 

Man that's not funny but it's so ridicilous you can't help but laugh lol

That's just a line! Gaga is a Joke ! 

I'm a firm believer in whatever you do - do to your best ability - or Don't Bother trying ! 

What the hell are these lines /Zs - they are not sigs but just a line or squiggle - come on gaga you've been sat at home on your arse doing Sod all for months - this is an absolute disgrace / insult and will alienate thousands of fans! 

Gaga should be questioned over this pathetic rip off and answer to what the hell was she thinking and did she think that her (Departing in droves) fans would be happy with these .......

The answer is simple  - stop buying her s*** - i won't be buying any more gaga s***  !


Two things. Jimmy Carter (as an old man) signed 2,000 books in one hour. So..you can sign a lot, with your full signature (well, he was signing them J. Carter, but...)

Second, I was at an event that I knew Lady Gaga would be at. I had a promo album from A Star is Born (as a movie critic, we get cool gifts like that). I brought it, in case I'd be near here. Well, the table I was at...she was standing right at, waiting to go onstage. I take my album out, place it on the table. She's looking at the stage, waiting for her cue to go on. So, I didn't want to tap her on the leg (I was sitting at the table, she was standing), but I had the Sharpie cap off, and if she even glanced down, I was going to motion for her to sign it. She stood there for 3 friggin minutes, and my wife kept saying "Just ask her, just ask her" but...it never happened.

Then, Sam Elliott (who played the brother in that movie) was there. I was leaving, and asked him to sign it. He said (in that great voice) "No autographs, pal."

I ended up giving the album away.

I have noticed that there are two different signatures that I am seeing Lady Gaga sign on these CDs or art covers. One is just like a "Z' or an "L"and the other looks like she is trying to write "Lady". Is it possible that there are forgeries out there since there are two different forms of her signature ?  I'm sort of new to this and I would like to think that all signatures would be the same if they are done in a single sitting. Please advise. Thanks. 

Some are almost definitely forgeries. Most probably... Read this entire post. 

That's about the same as I got... An N. For Nobody shoulda bought these.



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