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I'd stay away from all this nonsense. All of it. 

Yea that's why i say no guarantees and sold as is but i know eBay usually sides with the buyer no matter what so i also worried about that, i have managed to keep a 100% positive feedback over a lot of years and would like to keep it that way 

I am having a hard time right now getting my money back for the Lil Waynes.  Who is also Universal, they're fighting me tooth and nail for that 30.00 dollars.  I will make sure to never use paypal again on preorders.  I will stick with credit cards.

yes i would stick with credit cards because PayPal was no help at all with the Ozzy Auto pens, unfortunately for me my credit card is through PayPal, on a side note i noticed that the signed CD's are once again sold out in the US but back on sale in Canada and France, girls staying busy huh.

I got screwed on the lil wayne ones too I said they were damaged in shipping because they just lie about them being real and won't admit even way obvious autopens like ozzy are fake. They said they'd refund me like 20 bucks out of 60 something dollars because they said they won't refund digital album copies... And last I checked I never even got the refund for 20. Complete waste of time and money. 

Yea that's why i never returned the Ozzy ones, was going to lose to much money and figure i can at least get close to my money back selling them as auto pens on eBay 

Ok posters now sold out, only six and a half hours on sale so thats a good sign as long as they stay sold out.  

Did they refund the whole order then, or did they still charge you for the digital singles like normal?

I haven't even checked if the refund went through yet. I assume they'll keep the digital copy money though. Then they can still count it on the charts as 4 copies sold. 

Just checked my card, no refund posted yet. I'll try to update once it shows up, if it does.

In other being ripped off news, My credit card dispute letter came today on the fake Ozzy autographs, they denied the refund so I lost $72 bucks and wasted a bunch of time on that. 

just got a refund of one of my orders and it was $22.85 which was the total price for 1 with shipping and tax so looks like they are refunding the full amount so that's good. 



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