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Anyone else get that? 

Yea i got it it too, wasn't sure if i should comment on it or not because you know, we wouldn't want to upset Herve

Haha, I thought the exact same thing and almost didn't post it. 

I Agree, Paypal are a total and Utter Joke and Bunch of Fraudsters just as bad as the Fraudster Sellers! I Lost my Not as Described Claims on the Selena Gomez arriving unsigned, Joe Satriani as Apparently The Signed LPs arrived! Joe Satrianis Website even Gave Paypal Proof Of them Being Signed - which of course we all know they were not - I questioned the proof and of course Paypal Just ignored Me - a Signed LP is Exactly that - Not a Piece of Paper..... this is my last in a Long Line of cases where Paypal have sided with the Fraudsters  - what amazes me is People STILL Use them - I sell alot of records on Discogs - and For the last couple of months have offered Discounts / Free Postage and freebies if people pay by Bank Transfer / Cheque and they Still Use Paypal - Amazes Me - if only they knew !

I will NEVER Use Paypal for Pre Orders again!

Paypal is the worst. I once had a package lost and the carrier delivered my package to another neighborhood (different zip code). I opened a dispute, but PP ruled in favor of the merchant. The PP representative on the phone told me, "Our policy is we automatically rule in favor of the merchant if the item is delivered within a 5 mile radius of your address."

Got tracking for my US ones today

Has anyone else got tracking info on the US orders yet? the last thing i got was the message saying they were canceling and refunding me for 3 and then i got a refund for only 1, they don't answer messages so just wondering. 

I got no tracking... Got email refunding 2, and I get to keep 2, but no refund either. 

My friend in the UK received his Lady Gaga autographs today. Here is what they look like. I think they were hand signed but would love opinions. 

I agree with you.  They seem legit

Heres mine for comparison  UK based

These pre orders are pathetic examples of what not to buy.



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