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The Simple answer - stop wasting money on Gaga Items you will never receive and stop buying any of her merchandise / records / cds and see where that gets her - Unfortunately people won't! 

She's just one of the Lazy stars / companies  hiding behind the Covid excuse! it doesn't take 9 months to print / sign a Poster- it doesn't take 3 months - let alone 9 !  and i can see you all waiting another 9 months ! That's if they ever turn up

Don't worry because while I'm still holding out hope on getting what I've already spent on, I will never give her another dime of my money and I wish nobody else would either, I bought as a collector and not a fan and the more I see of her the less I like her so it won't be a problem, just the fact that she's in Italy and just ignoring all this stuff she has already been paid to sign, and sorry to all the animal lover's but offering $500,000 for a couple of dogs when people are going hungry during these Covid times is not a good look either, I know it's her money but it's just showing her rich privilege.  

I won;t spend another dime either I don;t care what she sells


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