I’m just curious as to how much lamination affects an item’s value.  Does it make an item completely worthless?  I would think that if the laminated item still has eye-appeal, it would still have value, but the value would be diminished.  But by how much?  I’d love to hear some thoughts on this topic.  Thanks.

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the autograph is in good condition.  People slab autographs all the time, in this case, I don't see much difference. This is still a rare item and carries value to a HOF collector.

Thats also very true, Terrier.  To me, it still has great eye-appeal.  If I were the one considering buying it, I would probably do so...if the price was right.  Do you have an idea what an unlaminated version of this item would be valued at?

After a quick review on eBay, it appears that $2000-$2500 might be the going rate perhaps.

Slabs can easily be reversed, but I believe lamination is permanent. A piece of plastic has been permanently adhered to the signature. Most collectors will probably avoid it. I purchased a couple of laminated Jimi Hendrix concert tickets that would have been worth about $500 for $10 each. I think those are the only laminated items I've ever purchased.

A properly slabbed item is sonically sealed with special plastic whereas being laminated uses heat to seal the item in who knows what kind of plastic. Lamination can cause irreparable damage to the ink and item. Two different processes that are very different.

However, this Cy Young looks to be in good condition and probably not a good idea to try and delaminate it. 

agreed. my point was in this case, where the item is still in very good condition, I see no difference in a slab vs lamination as both do not allow you to "touch" the item.

I have some slabbed items, honestly, that I wish were not, in fact, I have broken a couple of them to"free" them.

That's an awesome piece. I would love to have it laminated or not. 

Honestly and personally, I have to agree, especially if it were offered at say 50% off the price of a non-laminated one.  In this case, if this were offered for perhaps $1000 to $1250 as opposed to $2000 to $2500, I’d probably jump at the chance.  The thing is it still looks very nice.

holy s*** in this case, i dont think it matters laminated or not.

Yep, it seems it still looks great!



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