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Large framed signed COA picture of Muhammed Ali and Elvis Presley 1973 Las Vegas

a stunning large silver framed signed black and white picture with certificate of authenticity of Muhammed Ali and Elvis Presley from Las Vegas 1973, possibly two of the greatest icons of the 20th century.
The signature in gold pen reads Muhammed Ali 'aka' Cassius Clay, on the reverse of the frame their is a certificate of authenticity by championship sports promotions Jersey City New Jersey and Infinitely Better (members of the movie prop association and the autograph club of Great Britain).


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Just bought this for £765 think I got it for a reasonable price. its from 1963.

Seems a bit high for a cut signature with condition issues, but definitely authentic.
Paul, I think that's a good deal as long as it is real. It looks likely real to me. Did Roger check it out?

Wow!! Pretty pricey for the conditions and the autograph itself.

If you know anywhere that a John Lennon autograph can be obtained cheaper, please let me know as I would be interested?

Have to agree with Paul Jones here, I would also be very interested to know where you may find John Lennon sigs for less than that? Because I looked "everywhere" when I bought mine and nowhere could I find a price even close to what Paul paid...

I don´t want to know what some of you would think if you knew the price I paid for mine: 


but it doesn´t matter because I love it and I´m actually sure I paid a fair price for mine considering it´s age, condition and that both Epperson and Tracks says it´s genuine. But who knows, one day I might also find that secret place where some of you members go and find your bargains... ;-)

No matter what, I agree with Mr. Williams, if Paul is happy then fine! So congrats Paul on a nice sig, but keep away from the spamming... ;-)

If you buy from a dealer or auction house you're not getting a deal and are actually, more often than not, overpaying. If you are patient and look for a deal from a collector, or even better, someone who is not a collector that stumbles upon an item or two, you will do much better. I don't collect cut signatures because I like to have the signatures actually on items that the talent is attributed to, but I've flipped many of them and can say with experienced certainty that Beatles cuts can be had for much better prices of you are willing to do the work to find them. I've met a surprising number of Beatles fans who thought their autographs in the shoe box from back in the day were only good for conversation pieces.
I agree with what you're saying Mike! But as a collector living in a small swedish city located in pretty much the middle of nowhere the chances of doing those kind of findings are pretty slim... :-)
Are you talking about the one Paul said he just paid GBP 765 for? It looks like it may have a light crease and it has the tape residue, but it's really bold and well centered with lots of margin. I think that could easily go for a few hundred dollars more in an auction.

Hi Mr Cyrkin, Yes really pleased with the price I got it for, I will have to get authentication if I want to sell it on though, If I get this Roger gentleman to look at it will he issue me with some sort of COA for $15?

For 15 dollars he will tell you if he believes it is authentic. A COA is quite a bit more.

A full COA requires having you send it into him. Get a $15 opinion first, then go for the full one. I am not as good as other on this site on Beatles, and certainly not Roger. Don't rely on my opinion alone.


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