I am new to collecting sports memorabilia. Sadly, I have seen lots of fakes. I am trying to learn more about authentic autographs. I appreciate your wisdom and guidance! I even emailed Steve and Global Authentics about their reputation. Of course he claims that people are wrong and Global Authentics is legit. He did spend time to explain some history from his perspective. I thought I could believe him since he had some explanation of some of the items I asked him to verify. He said this Lebron Jersey is authentic. "Yes this is a rushed Lebron shoot around signature." I was going to buy this jersey, but thankfully I read through the discussions about Global Authentics. I just want to make sure you guys think this is fake so I will not buy it. Basically with Lebron and Michael Jordan, the only autographs that are most likely real are going to be from Upper Deck or PSA. Which is going to be too expensive so I can never afford the jersey. Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge! 

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i did contact steven sipe some years ago and he realy did explain in a nice way things that happened in the past. i don't have the knowledge about the autograph you posted but you could search on ebay and look at other lebron james autographs and compare them with yours. when you have done bad things like global did than it's hard to repare your reputation and collectors wil think twice to buy items authenticated by global.

Good that you spoke to him too. We hope that people tell the truth, but in this industry it is hard to tell when they are making money off of fakes. Lebron autographs are tricky because he doesn't have a standard signature. He changes it a lot. It's not like Michael Jordan, where he has a specific flow to his autograph. Sadly so many people sell fakes of his for lots of money. 

my opinion on the company is just avoid them full stop. I've seen many fakes "authenticated by them". I collect a lot of current day singers. And anything with a GA sticker on, I just avoid. they are just bad fakes and really effortless ones at that. I personally haven't seen a genuine signature with a GA sticker. I've seen many threads on here too saying they sell fakes and autographs that are posted to be checked here that have a GA sticker on tends to be deemed fake. I can't speak on this Lebron James Auto but I know he's insanely popular which increases its chances of being a fake. A perfect signature for GA to forge and sell on. A side note too, if you want to sell it on in the future, alot of collectors will not want to have it cause of its GA sticker, making it harder to sell at a high price. I feel for you as I'm on a budget too and can't spend thousands on autos. But I'd say save up some money and then get one that you'd feel more confident with and one that you know is genuine. Don't buy this one, you may enjoy it for awhile but as you go along with this hobby, you'll become more knowledgeable on autographs and how the trade works. Then you may see that one as a fake and a waste of money. Believe me, I've done it myself. Good thing about this hobby is you never truly know it all. Theres always something to learn, every signature is different. And I can safetly say I've learned so much from being on this site. Hopefully what I've said helps you out a bit. Maybe I'm wrong and a user knowledgeable on his auto will say that's genuine. But until then I'd say save up, find another that you know is genuine, buy from a trusted dealer, or trusted authenticator and go from there :). Happy collecting

Kind regards

Jake :)

Thanks for taking the time to reply Jake! I agree with you there is definitely a lot to learn in this hobby. It seems like you can only really trust the autographs that are done with Steiner in a private signing. Or an upper deck contracted autographed session for Jordan. If it's a Say Hey Willie Mays or a 25 authentication for Barry Bonds. JSA and PSA are generally trusted, but I have seen some reviews that it's not certain with them either. I wish it was easier, but that's the challenge of the game. It would be nice if everyone got a picture of the items getting signed, but they can keep using that picture to sell fakes. I guess I will not buy this item. Thanks for insight! 

Hey there

That's no problem at all. Happy to help :). There is, it's insane. I had no clue how much there was to learn when I first started. Or how addictive the hobby is either. It all started with wanting Ariana Grandes Signature (I ABSOULETLY LOVE HER). I got one of them signed Postcards. And since then I got hooked and now I've got 203 autographs on 151 signed things from 91 different celebrities. (My collection Is a dwarf compared to some members collection on here) I warn you, its very addictive. Sorry I'm rambling on Haha. I haven't had much experience with Steiner or upper deck but I've heard good things about them both :). If you could get anything signed by lebron from them. I'd say that would be great. Psa/jsa/Beckett are generally trusted from what I've learned. So are groups like UACC, AFTAL, and RACC. And I've heard mixed reviews on all of these. Some good, some bad. Again if you could get a lebron from one of these I've mentioned I'd say its alot better then getting one from GA. All I can say is don't give up finding a lebron. You'll find one. It took me 4 months everyday, to find an Authentic Audrey Hepburn (that I could afford). I found it by fluke too. Just keep looking. You'll find a good Lebron James soon :). I'm glad you are not buying it, save you some money :) and no problem,.happy to help.:)

Sorry for the lengthy reply again Haha 

Haha all good I tend to digress when I have time to. Glad you got Audrey and Ariana autographs. I went to an Ariana concert and got to see her in a special Q and A. It was literally my friend and I, who are older and 50 screaming 7 year olds. Her songs are not the best influence for them, but she is a great singer. 

Here's a discussion from 2014 about Global Authentics:

Thank you Steve Cyrkin!!! I literally looked at your name on the members online list and was thinking if I should message you because I wanted to know your opinion. Praise the Lord you read my mind and sent this link. I really appreciate you setting this site up and caring!!

Warmest Regards,


Sorry it took me so long to join in, Zabrina. I must have been walking on water when you posted this discussion!

Here's another blog starring GA:

Haha if you can walk on water then hallelujah I trust you =)

Thanks for the info!! I might need your expertise on a couple of other autographs when I have time to post more. 

Have a lovely day!!



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