Can you guys tell me if this is real or not? I have a suspicion that I got swindled. I bought a lot of PSA items from a guy. The PSA numbers match the database so I figured they are real. I come to find out there are a lot of fake PSA items going around.

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I too hope this comes to a good conclusion.

I thought Robert and Jimmy's signatures were a little more "complete/drawn out" back when Bonzo was around.  These look like their slightly later watered down versions.  I am not a Zep expert, by any means,...just my $.02.  Hope it all works out for you.

I do not like the McCartney at all, but the plant does compare favorably with the one I got from my cousin, who was his drummer in Band of Joy.

Thank you for that. At least one post makes me feel a little better :) hahaha

Ok, one more guys.. What about this.

It definitely doesn’t look authentic to me.

Not genuine, imo. Sorry, I really don't like to be a bearer of bad news.

makes me sad :(

not authentic

Well.. It seems like they got me good.. You live and learn.

Well, at least, you have found the right place to get information that will help you avoid these problems in the future. I am a better collector because of this site.

PSA needs to come up with something better. This is complete bull crap.


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