Can you guys tell me if this is real or not? I have a suspicion that I got swindled. I bought a lot of PSA items from a guy. The PSA numbers match the database so I figured they are real. I come to find out there are a lot of fake PSA items going around.

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Honestly, I think that you will find that some unscrupulous person has used the system with fraudulent intentions. I am betting these items never were submitted to PSA in the first place.

Agree. It’s likely a counterfeit PSA card and sticker. PSA would have never issued a card coa for a full Led Zeppelin signed album. An item of that value would have had to have been a full letter.

I hope the Donald Trump signed stuff I got are real :)

I am out a few thousand dollars. You live and you learn.. I got a lot of stuff from him.

Didn’t they have to show identification to get the loan? 

Yes they did. 

File a police report. They obtained a loan using counterfeit collateral. That’s fraud. 

Good call, Steve.

There are other fake McCartney signed items from the same forger, also with fake PSA/DNA COAs.

Sorry if I am late to the game, but how do forged PSA cards give false passes on their website with the same number?

Check a couple of pages back. Bruce Juice explained how it works.

As a matter of fact, here's one that was just listed on eBay. The cert # is B87916, and of course there's no image in the database. This is from eBayer ccloan (Capital City Loan & Jewelry).


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