Led Zeppelin but this is a real pen signed???? If a fale is a great fake...

This is a real pen handsigned? Great fake or real? Thanks.

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Could this possibly be a SoCal forgery? Here’s an example:

Same seller has terrible U2 forgery now up. 

Yes... for me the led zeppelin signatures are great and great fake... but each signature has something strange, each is not perfect correct...

Yes with doing the others I believe it is fake

The forger as got greedy if they would have done just the one, like the album in the post they could have got away with it found another album that I believe is the same person

Thats what happened with those Led Zep 2’s a few weeks ago as well

The Robert plant autograph on the 2nd one seems poor compared to the other fake one in the post.

The forger must have been practicing first

The autographs in my post have same pressure in each autograph and this is impossible... John Bonham signed always with heavy hand and johl paul jones many time with soft hand and very fast... in this fake set the better autograph for me is Robert Plant and the more bad autograph is Jimmy Page... it'very hard to fake Jimmy Page autograph.... is always different Jimmy... 

Not guaranteed all the time with signing like you say, Bonham his heavy on his last bit of his last name

the jimmy they have done it just look at tracks and other dealers and collectors falling for it with those that I posted earlier.

In another two or three years If the forger keeps on going and gets better and corrects there mistakes could be bad.

All fake these last set Keithspoon for you!?

Full sets of Led zeppelin autographs on paper neither mind on albums were rare not so long ago now it seems there is a album turning up every month, alarm bells should be ringing.

There is only a very small amount of programs that have turned up signed in existence, 3 to 5 fully autographed.

Yes. I always think that the autograph of Zep are rare and now there are autographs of Zep in any site, auction.... i have a full set of Zep of 1979 do you want see it in private? For me and for other expert is 100% real...



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