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I was wondering if someone could help me authenticate this guitar.  Seller claims to have purchased it from RR and has since lost the certificate.  As far as I know, they have no image database for previous auctions.

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I hope your advertisers are compensating you for protecting their SEO :-)

I have seen multiple items from whom I suspect is the same seller for a few weeks now.  The seller has listed this particular guitar on ebay and has since taken it down.  It has also been listed it multiple times on craigslist.  You can see listings dating back to February in Google's cache:


This is the first item I have seen so far where the seller alleged RR Auction was the source, which is why I started this thread to confirm my suspicions that it was a lie.  Hopefully others will be able to find this discussion and not throw their money away, especially if this seller continues to use this tactic.  

I snagged a copy of one of their CL's ads so that it is in their own wording for the forum.  A lot of times they will come in and defend and say they never said this or that....


It looks really bad and forged. But in the future, for anybody that has a story from the seller -- just keep something in mind. Story has to pass the smell test. Buying from an auction, ANY AUCTION, even credible ones like RR and Sotheby's, etc...if you don't have the prove, it doesn't mean crap. That story would be just like saying "My sister dated Jimmy Page, and he got it for her." Yeah, really???

In this day and age, there are enough authenticators out there. There are photos that need to be shown for proof, and stories that need to make sense. Not some vague thing like "My uncle was security at their show on March 13, 1973 at Madison Square Garden." You could Google, and find out maybe they did have a concert that day, and therefor believe the story. Just keep something in mind. As easy as it was for you to Google and find the date of that concert, a seller of bogus stuff can do the same thing, and probably did.


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