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I think they look good.  I am, by no means, an expert...but I have focused on Beatles for many, many years and I see no issues with these.  Curious to see other opinions...

I do not believe they are real. The Lennon looks good but the J is off IMHO. The R in Ringo looks off to me too. They could be very early sigs maybe. Id wait to see what others think.

Online opinions don't qualify as full authentication per the rules in B/S/T. The characteristics of the autographs look OK, but I believe these are copies of some sort. Sorry.

Hi again BlackB :)

I do not presume to speak for Steve, and I may be wrong, but I think what Steve is saying is that pre-certs and quick opinions are not full examinations and are not acceptable for selling here. Full LOA/certs and such should be in place before any sale. Steve will correct me if I misunderstood. As for the originality or copy question I do not have a comment. Hope this helps :)


Not to give you a hard time, because I don’t mean to, but any doubts should be posted publicly on Autograph Live. Discussing authenticity is the main thing we do.

BlackB, the rule on selling here says that only in-person full authentication is allowed:

3.  Autographs must first be posted for authenticity opinions in the Forum before offering them for sale, unless approved by Steve Cyrkin, or fully certified by a generally respected third-party expert or authenticator ("quick opinions are not full authentication"). If it's certified, post the actual COA or LOA. 

If you're having it authenticated in a forum, please post a link to the discussion


I reopen this discussion. Please do not close it or any other of your discussions again right now.


I’m not mad at all. The reality we all have to understand is that looking at autographs online, not studying and authenticating them in person, allows you to identify most fakes, but you cannot be sure it is real unless you see it in person. 

The forgery industry is getting better and better. They are undoubtedly doing things that we are not even aware of. That is something that you need to be aware of.

If a knowledgeable party is offering a popular and easy to sell autograph at a price so low that you can pay their price and sell it an average price and make a nice profit, one of these 3 things apply:

1) It's fake, whether that's determined right away or years later;

2) It's stolen;

3) The seller is insane.

If the seller does not know about Autograph’s, or you pick out something buried in his inventory and he prices it without examining it carefully first, that could be something different. Someone bought a William Stone engraved printing of the Declaration of Independence for $2.48 at a thrift shop. He sold it for $477,000.

I don’t know what you were sold the Lennon and Ringo piece for. With a recognized TPA's COA, like Roger's, you could offer it for $1500 on eBay and it would probably sell within five minutes after you posted it.

Just like you depend on members here to help you avoid forgeries, and appreciate what they do, we expect you to be just as careful when offering autographs for sale. 

Not just when offering them for sale here. When offering them for sale anywhere.

It’s your responsibility, a very serious responsibility, to make absolutely as sure as you can that everything you offer for sale is genuine. 


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