Hi everyone

About 30 years ago, somewhere in the 80's, I wrote to Leonard Nimoy, and he sent me the attached signed photo.

It's about 5x7

I just want to confirm, from you, experts, that it is really his, not an autopen or a secretary or something else

Thank you


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Sorry. That is his standard preprint/facsimile. He used the same signature for 30 years it seems!

Oh darn.. what a disappointement, after all those years.. but it's better to know than not to know...


So you mean he used a stamp (or his secretary...)?

Hi, as you can see, they are identical. It is a facsimile, not a secretarial. It is likely a stamp from the pooled ink seen in your image when enlarged.

Yes, they are identical, thanks for showing me that. I am glad I joined this site. I know absolutely nothing about autographs and I thank you for your expertise :)


You are most welcome. Here is a link to my Nimoy/Spock autograph:

Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock

It is very nice! :)

Thanks Marcel. I thought you might like to see them all - I have to scan the Nurse Chapel yet though...

Vintage Star Trek Cast

So mine has no value then...

Not really, no. Sorry. But it would thrill a young fan :) as long as they understand it is not really handsigned.

I know, I see a lot of RP or things like that on ebay. I see what you mean. Thank you for everything and have a great day :)

I might have other pics to ask here eventually :)


Happy to help :)





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