Here's the game! Whether it be you collect music autographs or movie related autographs! All can play!

You get 1 point for however many members of a bands autograph you have or however many actors/actress from a certain movie (you have to specify the movie or band)

The autographs can be before or after they were in the band or movie. Multiples of the same musician or actors count.


The Beach Boys- I have

11 of Brian Wilson
5 of Al Jardine
3 of Mike Love
3 of Bruce Johnston
2 of Carl Wilson
1 of David Marks

Giving me a total (25 pts)

I know some people have some crazy collections! It will be cool to see how many multiples people have in their collections!:)

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Wow Ballroom, I had no idea that you were that big of fan! That is really cool! I love The Porpoise Song. It is one of my favorites, I believe written by Carol King? Also I know Harry Nielson wrote a song or two for them. A new song of theirs just came out!

It's one of my favorites too, as is the B-side "As We Go Along", also co-written by Carol King. The backing band is Clear Light, who shared a bass player with the Doors. Harry Nilsson did indeed write for them, along with several other great songwriters.

Monkees wallpaper comes to mind.

I have 5 Dave Grohls, winning! 

Haha Paul, you got quite a bit of Beach Boys and Nirvana guys!
45 TheWalking Dead cast and creator autographs

It's The Beach Boys for me too! I believe this is the exact count I have for each.

Brian Wilson - 8

Carl Wilson - 4

Al Jardine - 7

Mike Love - 6

Bruce Johnston - 3

David Marks - 6

Blowing me out of the water Nick!:)

Haha, and hopefully more after I see some gigs this summer!

haha, I know! I can't imagine!

I have 12 signed photos of different sizes of the late Sir Christopher lee and his up dated autobiography book in hard book called Tall,Dark and Gruesome.and i have 15 signed photos of Michael Schumacher he sent me when he was not ill to thank me for the book i wrote for him in which he has a copy the book is a dedication/tribute book called Man on the Move subtitled Michael Schumacher,My Sporting Hero and every Christmas Card i get a personised by hand written by his boss Jean Todt.



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