Let's play you be the authenticator. Paul McCartney.

It's a thankless job being an authenticator. They provide an important service and have become quite influential in the hobby. But sometimes their professional opinions baffle me. Most of all, their final decisions can greatly determine the market value of any given autograph. Like getting a blessing from the Pope.

Here are two examples of a Paul McCartney signature. One passed authentication and the other did not. Same company. Different result. I'm old and my eye sight is as good as it used to be. Can you see a significant different between the two signatures?

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I would like to add the one was a full authentication and the other a quick opinion. But, at $150 a pop it is difficult to spend the money for a likely rejection.

Out of interest, how much did you pay for the ticket? 

Being atypical hurts the value. 

PS: Have you asked Roger for his opinion?

The downward facing E, letter spacing and the P dropping well below the baseline don't fill me with confidence. It doesn't look authentic imo. I'm not saying it isn't authentic, I'm saying it will be difficult to get a positive authentication. It's not an investment piece. 

Thanks again, Mikex. I will agree both of these signatures are less than perfect examples. But, were they signed by Paul McCartney? I can only attest to the signed ticket as "verified" as much as humanly possible without Paul himself testifying. 

As to a couple of your other questions or thoughts.

What did I pay? Not relevant to authenticity.

"Being atypical hurts the value." Indeed it likely does. But, not being recognized as authentic hurts the value much more.

"It's not an investment piece." Still does not make it less authentic. 

The other signature in this discussion is currently being auctioned which is similar to the signed ticket style. I believe most would agree it is atypical as well. I believe having it certified by a TPA will have an impact on it's final selling price.

Hello Joe,

If you are happy with your purchase, that's all that matters. If on the other hand you have this nagging doubt, you will never enjoy it. A quick opinion by Roger might be a good idea. 

I have no problems or nagging doubt. I just happen to see this Paul up in auction and thought it would make an interesting discussion. Which it may have.

Roger looked at it a long time ago.

What did he say?

Same as Beckett.

I believe they use the coin method. Heads it's real tails it isn't. I'm probably not too far off in my thinking. 

Thanks, Mikex. I appreciate your response.

I would bet that it came down to a seller who has an in with Beckett.

That aside, these guys can pretty much do whatever they want. Get it right? Great. Get it wrong? Who cares, we already have your money.

I appreciate your response, Rich. Let's hope that's not the way a professional service plays the game. I understand money talks but....



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