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Thank you. I checked on mine and it shows delivered back to them on the 19th. I did win my chargeback request before they eventually sent a return label, so I doubt I'll get a refund on top of it and would not expect to.

Took a while, as some have said, but issued a full refund, including tax/shipping:

"2 Chainz Official Store - Some items in your order have been refunded"

Even though we've had some recent real ones (i.e Busta), I'm still generally untrusting of hip-hop artists which is just lazy on their part to not try and move units legitimately, and as advertised.

I Wonder if they get notified of the mass refunds. They're millionaire's they can't take the time to sign stuff for the fans? What a joke, I dont think anyone answered this but what happens to the real signed ones that are featured in the Gif above? Do they throw that s*** in the trash or give them to the filming crew or what?

To me these things are like interest free loans to the artists or whoever. I have seen some very long times for refunds.

Apologies If i flew off the handle, but that's so lame in my opinion. Thanks for the response Eric! All I'm waiting for now is the Michael Richards signed book, unless something else shows up here I'm interested in.

For you Mike:

For Mike

🤣🤣 thanks I listened to it, good song! Think I've heard it before.

Excellent. So, take it easy my friend :-)

Sloooow ride, take it eeeeasy.


sign up for early access if anyone wants to try again lol. easy pass for me


The 200 are probably our returns! - Fool me once, Weezy....

so, of all things, my return was received in December, and I had done a chargeback before hand because they went silent after my initial inquiry and it had been weeks. the other day, I got a refund notice. Nearly middle of March. IDK about these folks.


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