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I've always wanted get a hold of a nice Linkin Park piece. I figured in time I would be able to get a hold of a nice piece. Unfortunately before that happened Chester Bennington (RIP) took his life earlier this week. Anyways I acted fast and made a deal for this personally owned pass by the lead singer itself. If anybody can shed some light on this item or the Ebay seller the community's opinion is greatly appreciated.  Here is the pictures and the link

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Ebay Item:

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Hey David, You showed me my group I want to date forever now's Brandon Lee's" Thanks for watching us," written for me, so you wanted my opinions of Linkin Park's In The End song. They talk about the one. The Matrix series talks about the one. Keanu. They talk about the end. They said Keanu having a weird dating soap opera of a matrix series created kids, and later dated's later relationships's disney family relationship, and kids forever now, and the lake house's doctor's Sandra is his manstealer forever now, then is a weird manstealer, a weird dating soap opera, and if Keanu is upset later, then he will create an armageddon. Linkin Park said everyone stand still forever at the future, so that Keanu doesn't create an armageddon. I think Keanu being gothic, and condscending to people at the matrix series means Keanu has a devil soul. People need to be careful. To be honest, The Last Halloween's Jyrki's trying to create an armageddon forever now has a heavy devil soul. You have to go with Jyrki as the devil based upon devil math. The heaviest devil soul is the devil whether it's Keanu, Jyrki, or suicidal Troy's Brad. Jyrki has the heaviest devil soul. Jyrki is the devil. Regards, Erin a.k.a. The Crow's Eric



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