Let's compile a list ebay sellers that peddle items that come with GA COA .

chaohp10.....Tanaka, Kemp, Koufax, Trout 

halftime43....Manning, Trout, Kershaw, Pettitte, Koufax

jbsportsmemorabilia....Jordan jerseys, Trout, Machado, Randy Johnson, Puig, Roy Halladay

insane_collectibles...Jordan/Lemieux/Manning jerseys, Tim Duncan, Kershaw, Darvish, Westbrook, Posey, Luck, Urlacher, Trout, Durant, Kobe, Koufax, Chriis Davis, Adrain Beltre, 

thomaswciii....A.Rodgers, Kapernick, Kobe, Durant, Manning, Calvin Johnson, A.Peterson, Chris Johnson, Luck, Aikman, D.Wade, Lebron

topnotchautographs....Mario Lemiex, Trout, Westbrook, Manning, Gretzky, Tim Duncan, Machado, Posey, Durant, Cabrera, Koufax, Brady, Jordan

prusso329....Tanaka, Pedro Martinez, David Wright, David Ortiz, Pedrioa, Gretzky

mvp-authentics....Trout, Kershaw, Koufax

sportslegends6....According to JSA, be careful of his A. Pujols & D. Rose GA items!

framed_jerseys...Jerseys of Jordan, Kobe, Duncan, Durant, Brady, Chris Paul, Trout, Posey, Manning, Luck, Rodgers, Wade, Kapernick. Also has Mays, Brady and A.Peterson jerseys cetified by AAA

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Fantastic idea, will have a look this weekend and add any you have not got, great list

Thanks Mr. Gregory. The amount of crap flooding the market with GA COAs is stunning. Lets all add as many to the list and have someone send it to ebay's fraud department for investigation. 

Would be great to get GA removed by eBay and added to their banned list, that would be a great day for the autograph community

That is going to be our goal here. With teamwork from this website, we can get GA banned Mr. Gregory!

Please call me Dan and great work

OK Dan, now let's take down GA and put them out of business!

ebay seller....all_things_autographed is selling a fake Jordan jersey and a fake Tanaka jersey, both with GA COA

ebay seller....1greatgraph has many autographed items that come with GA COA. Multiple Tom Brady, Durant, Kobe, Koufax and A. Peterson items!

Take a look at 1greatgraph and his feedback! Every GA item he has sold is a forgery including a Michael Jordan basketball for $350.00 and a Jordan 8x10 for $199.00. Not too mention those 2 bogus Sandy Koufax baseballs. Incredible!!

Ebay seller....newsoallis is selling another Lebron James GA jersey!

Ebay seller Craig Cook ( also the owner of livesportsauctions.com) one of his ebay id's is ccook501 tons of GA crap from trout, jordan to puig

Has sold 1000's of GA, Ace Authentic, Gai over the past 8 years!!!

but even came on here claiming he is legit...also makes up fake names on other message boards defending the terrible forgeries he sells

Ebay seller kami510 has a fake Michael Jordan shoe up for sale with a GA COA, from scum-sucker Steve Sipe

Ebay scammer phanaticsports. This says it all.


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