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Not at all - just pissed off with a lot of these so called stars treating fans poorly! 
Was she sat their signing these thinking - yes these look really great? Because they don’t- they look s*** - like Brandon Flowers and John Mayers recent signings on a joke of a tiny scrap of paper! To name but two - I could list loads more! 

That’s if it comes signed of course in the first place ! Still waiting on my Bravado Sheryl Crow picture

He's not wrong though.

I received this message today and cancelled directly.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Order for my daughter on 8/3. Received shipping / tracking email on 8/16. After 5 days item had not been given to UPS. Contacted them 3 times and got 1 generic response. Today (still not with UPS) they cancelled my order and refunded. Then received an email with a 10% discount code to “re-order” an item that is sold out. Guessing it was just a way to get their numbers up for the new single.

Same here, tracking isnt showing anything.  I really dont want it though now being that it's just signed on tape and looks horrible going to try and cancel my order and get a refund.  This cd just has no value to me 

WOW, these Lizzo Cd's are not very popular on ebay either. One sold for $1.05 and another for $3.50. Why would sellers even bother selling them so cheap? Not worth the time and effort LOL 

Bless them - They must have been expecting what was advertised and not a Load of crap - so now selling them at giveaway prices  - I bet a lot went straight in the bin - glad I remembered her previous problems and steered well clear - we will have to start a - so called Stars to Avoid List ! 

For those not happy with the signed tape, I contacted the website and they refunded the full  amount and told me I didn't have to send it back. To me, the  cd is absolute garbage 

Omg really?? What did you write to them. I want to copy what you said :) 

I simply told them that I wasnt pleased with the signed scotch tape. Told them I ordered a signed cd, not a signed piece of scotch tape. Requested a full refund and told them I would send back the cd. They refunded the full amount right away and said I didn't have to send back the cd. I gave the cd to my niece who loves Cardi B LOL 

Unfortunately, "sticker" autos have become a pervasive part of the hobby, particularly for sportscards -- a large part of the reason why I don't get into signed baseball or basketball cards is because half the autos are stickers they stuck on after the fact.

I get that it makes things easier for athletes (they don't have to run through stacks of cards), but if you're going to sign something that gets stuck into a product, at least make it like a bookplate with the logo of the work.

I have never received a signed piece of tape until I received the Lizzo cd and it was advertised as a signed cd. They were actually very nice about it though . I just do not accept inferior product 



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