Mantle and DiMaggio ... Look at this CRAP! Are they seriously making fake autograph cards now?

Fake baseball card to look like legit card from packs with Mantle and DiMaggio forged signature:

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The card is real. The autographs are not. The card is a blank card sold by a company called "rackrs":

They manufacture blank cards for autograph collectors who need cards for players who don't have cards or are doing specialized sets. There are a number of companies doing this type of stuff nowadays. The crooks in these auctions have simply bought a package of these blank cards for about $8 and of course, signed them and hope a rube bites. These cards are not affiliated with Topps, Panini, Upper Deck or any legitimate licensed card manufacturing company.

Hi Steve,

Just saw your post from over a year ago. I'm the owner of Wanted to let you know that we only sell the blank cards. The purchaser gets that autographs. That Joe DiMaggio is definitely not something of ours. It makes me sick to see someone do that, especially with one of our cards. I wish there was a way to control that, but sadly there is not. We created these cards for collectors to take to games or get signed TTM. Sad to see this.  

Terry, thank you for your response. You are 100% right. 



Also, wanted to add that the ones that we do sell are from signings. The last signings that we did were with Howard Johnson, Lloyd McClendon, Tim Hardaway, Kenneth Faried and Kyle Singler. Our private signing cards all come with our Rackrs sticker, and number that is added to our site. So your specific card is in our database. Plus, when you check your card on our site, you will see a video from that signing. 

Sorry for all the confusion about our cards. But, we only sell the blank cards. Appreciate you giving me the opportunity to clear things up.


Thanks for joining us and letting us know.


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