Hello all, I am new here.

Besides Ebay, where else can I look for a signed Freddie Mercury vinyl album? I am pretty new to this and don't know the first place to begin looking for a legitimate signature. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Scott, Ebay does get genuine items sometimes, but outside of that I would suggest RR Auctions and Tracks. They don't get it right every time (so please remember to ask for a second opinion on any item you're considering), but they have an ok track record with Queen. Freddie rarely signed actual vinyl, so I'm guessing you mean a signed album cover. Believe it or not, Ebay has had more genuine signed albums over the last year than anywhere else that I saw (lots of fakes too, of course). Just keep your eyes peeled online. In the meantime, this list can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a Freddie signed item. All the best.


Thank you for the help, Innuendo. You're right, I meant the album cover signed. I will look into it more and post on here later if I stumble upon any potential buys.

Hi, this forum is now "Queen Autograph Authentication and Value Info". Links in emails before this won't work but every email from this point forward will.

Sorry for any inconvenience.




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